Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress: Part I

Hi friends!

How do I choose a wedding dress and where do I start? Picking out that perfect wedding dress can feel like quite the puzzle and I hope that this post will help you sift through all those beautiful bridal gowns and find the one that will make you feel like an absolute knockout on your big day.

I do think there are 2 things to consider when looking for a bridal dress. One of them I think is choosing a bridal dress according to your body shape. So let’s go through what kind of body shape there are and how this comes in to play.

Starting from the top you have 5 different body types and about 6 different types of bridal dresses.

For the Hourglass Figure:

Alright, so you’ve got that classic hourglass shape with a cinched waist, curvy hips, and a generous bust. You’re all about flaunting those curves, and you want a dress that’ll do just that. Here’s the scoop:

Skip the: Big, poofy ball gowns or empire dresses—they can add unnecessary bulk to your already fabulous hips and bust.

Go for: Silhouettes and mermaid-style dresses that hug your curves like they were made for you. And think about a sweetheart or plunging neckline to balance and flatter your bust.

For the Pear Shape:

If you’re rocking a pear-shaped body—narrower shoulders and wider hips—you’re in good company. Let’s find a dress that suits you:

Steer clear of: Those empire-style dresses—they might hide your lovely shape and make you look bigger than you are.

Look for: Sleeker silhouettes or fishtail/mermaid dresses that show off your curves. Sleeved dresses can help balance your smaller shoulders with your curvier hips.

For the Triangle Shape:

You might have broader shoulders, a slimmer waist, and smaller hips, giving you an inverted triangle shape. Let’s figure out the right dress for you:

Avoid: Strapless, off-the-shoulder, or halter neck dresses—they’ll make your shoulders stand out even more and mess with your proportions.

Go for: Check out symmetrical or v-neck styles that’ll complement your inverted triangle shape. Dresses with fuller straps and sleeves can soften your shoulder area. And consider gowns with lace or embellishments to create a more balanced look.

For the Rectangle Shape:

If your body’s more on the rectangular side—where your shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same width—no worries! We’ve got options for you:

Steer clear of: Those super clingy mermaid or silhouette dresses—they’ll emphasize your straight shape. And high necklines might make you look too elongated.

Look for: A-line, empire, ball gowns, or princess-style dresses are your jam. These styles with fuller skirts will add some oomph to your shape and create the illusion of curves. They’re perfect for enhancing your graceful silhouette.

Just remember, the key to finding the perfect bridal dress is to celebrate and boost your unique body shape. Try on different styles, chat with the experts, and most importantly, choose a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. Your wedding day is all about you, and you deserve to shine like the stunning bride you are.

The other thing to have in mind is the choice of fabric, as the different fabrics sets different moods. More on that in my next blogpost.

Cheers XX